Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mom 10: Nancy

There came a time, shortly after college, when I realized the women who had raised me were beautiful. They had been before, of course, I just hadn't ever thought to notice. In revenge, I expect the same treatment from the rising generation.

Anyway, case in point. This is my middle school best friend's mom. She gave me a lot of rides in her van. She taught me how to do a lay up. She coached and cheered our basketball team. It being middle school, there weren't a ton of people around who were especially nice or supportive so I really appreciated Mrs. S.

I saw her again after about ten years. I was walking out of a store and she was walking in. I was surprised at how pretty this petite blonde woman was. I couldn't tell exactly how old she was. Then I realized I knew her.

I made this sketch from a picture taken at my friend's wedding. As soon as I saw it, it reminded me again of all the times I had seen her cheer for her daughters and thanks to proximity, my sister and I.

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