Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mom 5: Ruth

This is my Grandma, Ruth Frances Hooper Meldau. She trained and worked as a draftsman. Her lettering was extraordinary. She could write Reserved on an old piece of card board, set it up in a desirable parking spot and the lettering looked so exceptionally official and perfect that no one would take the spot. She could sew anything. She had an exact mind. She was incredibly loving.

My aunts kindly supplied me with some wonderful photos which I used to make this drawing. Later in life, when I knew her, my grandma Ruth suffered from several serious health troubles. She never talked about it, but I know it made her self conscious, especially about her appearance. So I really enjoyed being able to take some time to become familiar with the way she looked when she was young and healthy.


  1. Beautiful!! Wow, I love my mom so much. She would have like this picture. I like the "Ruth" on the top lettered the way she would have done it. And the stitching. All of your mom portraits have been so incredible.

  2. I loved this picture, the illustration is spot on, Katy. Lovely.