Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mom 2

This is my mom.
I was going for thoughtful but she looks a little sad. Due to an unexpected death, I've been feeling sad this week and I think my feelings leached into my drawing. My mom is not a sad person which is one of the most impressive things about her. She works in a kids' cancer and blood disorder clinic so she's very familiar with lives that end too soon, that are unfair, that are full of suffering. She's taught me that life is precious and a journey that often ends much sooner than we expect and when life gets sad, really horribly sad, the best comfort comes from turning to God.


  1. its a great sketch, sad and thoughtful

  2. In the still quiet moments.... still a beautiful journey.

  3. Lovely drawing,I love the details in the clouds.Your mum sounds like a great person.I hope you feel better soon, death is a really hard thing to experience.

  4. Mom said she saw the sketch, "and it really does look like me!" I asked her why she said that with surprise, and she said that she doesn't like looking at pictures of herself sometimes, but she really liked this one... not b/c she doubted your artistic ability! :) So I agree? This is an amazing sketch of her!!!!

    ps dont know if that comment made sense. i should probably be asleep already...