Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I've been attempting to cultivate a little more personal style. I've been trying out the top braided bun. I really love it. It keeps the hair out of my eyes and out of my work wonderfully but I'm not sure if it looks as good as I hope it does. What do you think? Do I look like a creepy amish lady?

I've also taken to carrying a toad on my shoulder. Like a fairy pirate. I've heard it's very big in Madrid these days. Okay, not really.

Alas, there is no time to color. Paying work is making its demands.


  1. I like it (mind you, I quite like looking like a creepy Amish lady anyway, and have been told very politely by a small boy that i look 'really like a witch', so I may not be a wonderful person to judge....).

    Thanks for visiting my post. Figure drawing is easy when you have such a lovely model.

  2. its beautiful :-)
    keep away from paisely/calico dresses and or black and blue and avoid veils, I think it'll work out

    nice drawing
    omg- you dont have a toad??? why not?